Why you should travel at An Bang beach – Hoi An !?

Cua Dai Beach has been associated with Hoi An throughout the development history of this world cultural heritage city. However, Cua Dai beach is suffering from beach erosion partly due to the natural cycle, partly due to overdeveloping seaside resorts. Now, when referring to the Hoi An beaches, world travelers are hunting for the new name – An Bang Beach.

  • Location and landscape

An Bang beach is situated in an extremely favorable location, right at the gateway to the old town of Hoi An from Da Nang. An Bang Beach is only 4km away from Hoi An ancient town, 7km from Coco Ba, 12km from Vinpearl Land Nam Hoi An, and if you’re in the mood to visit Ba Na Hill in Da Nang, it is only 40 minutes away.

The most popular means of transportation is taxi, and you can get to most places in 10-15 minutes. If you’re adventurous, rent a motorbike to discover every corner of old villages around the old town. Travelling within An Bang village, you only need a bike! The image of people strolling on bikes along green rice fields on the poetic street of Hai Ba Trung, which connects An Bang to the ancient town, is sure to leave lasting impressions on travellers to Hoi An.

As close as it is to the buzzing town, An Bang beach remains strangely primitive and peaceful! Hidden behind local restaurants on the main road, An Bang beach opens up to a broad space, where the clear sky and blue ocean merges at the horizon, contrasting the white sand beach that stretches endlessly. Above all, large gatherings and loud noises are nowhere to be seen in An Bang. You are free to immerese yourself in nature, the lapping waves and the blowing wind. This calming scenario is simple but hard to find elsewhere. Indeed, the title “Hoi An’s tranquil paradise” is not wrongly confered on An Bang!


Despite her apparent shyness, An Bang deserves a greater attraction for her natural beauty. In 2011, An Bang Beach was voted by the travel website CNN GO as one of the 50 most beautiful beaches of the world. The same travel authority kept An Bang in their list of 100 best beaches on the planet. In three consecutive years from 2016 to 2018, An Bang was among the top 25 best beaches in Asia as voted by travelers all over the world on the renown website TripAdvisor. It’s worth mentioning that Vietnam used to have 2 candidates (Non Nuoc Beach and An Bang Beach) in the list the previous years, but An Bang remained the only name from Vietnam for the year 2018.

Favorably called “the lovely beach” by TripAdvisor, beside her wilderness and humbleness, An Bang also impresses tourists with her long and clean beach, together with unpolluted air and gorgeous white sand. With a moderate development progress, An Bang has been rated highly by travelers, some even named her as “the Vietnam best beach”. Currently, An Bang maintains a rating of 4.0 by more than 5,600 users on the website.




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